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A plant-based journey is more than just about healthiness and diet, it’s a lifestyle, it’s ethics, it’s justice. It’s probably one of the best decisions I made in my life that keeps me grounded.




Organic Farmers Market

Briana Elmore

Eric Friday

I've been intentional about my mental, spiritual, physical health for a few years now, always searching for ways to get better. So when I found out Asia was doing a plant based class I had to sign up. For me the best part of the class was how Asia broke down the ethics behind choosing a plant based diet. We all know changing our diet can benefit us physically but to know how much it impacts is mentally, that's what keeps me going to this day! Thanks Coach!

Aisha Ellis-Gordon

So going into the Journey i don't know what I expected besides eating grass and salad. LolAnd there is no real after the journey as the journey continues. The thing that spoke to me the most is "thy food is they medicine." Throughout the class i learned foods direct correlation with crime and behavior. It was easy to see that was also true in my life. When I cleaned up the way I ate, I cleaned up a lot more in my life. The discipline of choosing what's good for me and choosing to challenge myself literally effortlessly poured into my life and decision making. The experience is super enlightening. I realized how much I had taken the one thing that I had from God solely for me for granted, and that was my body. I can honestly say its not an easy lifestyle for me yet BUT everyday I try. The community that has been built allows for grace and for support. It also allows a space where we can be around like minded people. Even if becoming plant based isn't your end goal (which it probably will be once Asia is done with you) the enlightenment goes crazy, the self reflection is invaluable and you will be a better person because of it.

Tameka Stennis

I decided to become vegan simply for the ethical reasons. Asia class helped me get started with my new life style earlier than I planned. Overall I really enjoy her class. I like how it was over a longer period of time and she didn't just give use information say be gone. I think that is what allowed me to sustain my ability to remain vegan after the class. The class was very educational beyond my expectations. The biggest challenge for me was having to go grocery shopping more frequently. I'm most proud of these bomb meals I be making and that's my friends and family enjoy them too.

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The pandemic is a prime example of an issue knocking at our door. There is a global shift in consciousness and lifestyles that we can no longer ignore. During this quarantine, we are all forced to self-reflect and rethink the next few steps. How will you live the life that was spared to you and create a more meaningful one in the new future?

Due to many circumstances we encounter with family loss, jobs, anxiety and more, we have become stressed, sleep deprived and disconnected. We turn to food, alcohol or shopping for relief and comfort, unable to manage our diet, thoughts and emotions. 

I can relate deeply to these scenarios. In fact, it was those exact situations that forced me to rethink my way of life and become more conscious and aware of my choices. As a result, I have dedicated the last few of years towards healing, study, and eventually teaching a plant-based lifestyle the correct way. I am now sharing the tools and wisdom with others who are going through a similar process.

The plant-based journey was life changing for me! Prior to starting the plant- based course with Asia, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and I was not feeling a lot of self confidence. As I gained more information, I was able to connect to the principles of plant based living to make it a sustainable way of life. The biggest challenge is the “unlearning” required to make the plant based life stainable with plant based alternatives. Also, the balance between discovering which plant based alternatives are healthy vs. unhealthy can be difficult. However, I have the tools to navigate my way through any difficulties I face in this new lifestyle because of the foundation that was built through this course. I’m now a lot less anxious as I know that I am fueling my body and strengthening myself from the inside out. I’m proud to be an example for my family and break generational health issues. I am learning everyday how to listen to my body and chose foods that will properly fuel me. I feel the more control over my mind, body, and spirit with a plant-based lifestyle.

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