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My Journey

Asia Rawls


Crain's  Magazine: Twenty in their 20's 2020

Michigan Chronicle's 40 under 40 2019

Real-time media "Who's Who in Detroit" 2019: Top 100 African American Influencers in Detroit, MI 

MBA '18

M.S. Computer Information Systems '18

As an emerging leader in Detroit, MI I decided to create a platform where I could share all of my passions. In addition to this, I wanted others to be able to use this blogging experience to help them on their own personal journey. I get asked extraordinary questions, however at this point, I realize I need to connect with my audience in a different way.


One of my main aspirations is to be healthy and happy- I believe everyone should have this right as well. Healthiness is a basic human right.  


I  get asked frequently about how I maintain so many tasks between running, coaching, tech, and healthy living. Well, when you  are living in your purpose, it feels natural.



For those who are getting to know me, what you should know is "running is life". Meaning, when I was at my lowest moments, the ability to run made me feel happy - it was life. As a kid I ran and played outside all day, athleticism was my escape and something that came naturally easy for me.


Sadly, both of my parents had very rough upbringings, prison record and foster care/adoption experiences. No one in my immediate family owns a college degree, thus I didn't have much "vision" for my future based on what I have today. Although, my family has many accomplishments that I look up to in my own way. These milestones attribute to my strength today to show other individuals what is possible - the decision is yours.

Athletic Career

At a very young age I was gifted with the ability to work hard, learn quick, and out work the next person. A very special person in my life saw my gifts and coached me 24/7. I ran on the track team, and traveled on the weekend with our AAU basketball team. Over my high school days I received many athletic accomplishments such as: Senior athlete of the year, voted most athletic, female athlete of the year, track MVP 4 years in a row, Dr. Pepper athlete of the week twice, Oakland County Greats of 2008, all-state, all-regional, national qualifier, and school record holder. These talented abilities in high school led me to receive a Track and Field full scholarship at Eastern Michigan University. While there, I earned NCAA accolades in the 400m hurdles, Team Captain, a division 1 record, 8x Mid-American first place finishes & 2011 Mid-American team championship. 


After I earned my B.S., I began volunteering as a coach. While volunteering on any team I could get my hands on, I earned my coaching certification with USATF in 2015 so I could train more athletes at a Division 1 level. Due to my ambitious coaching adventures, in 2018 I received a graduate coaching full scholarship at the University of Detroit Mercy. While there, I earned my Masters in Business and a Masters in Computer Information Systems. I assisted and coached D1 student-athletes, and worked a full-time as a Director of Software Training.  I recently found a new running family in Detroit, MI where I now coach & run with WERUN313.

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