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Choose your pricing plan

  • Most Requested

    Silver Member: Semi

    Every month
    Plant Machine: Semi Pro or Masters
    • Book a virtual fitness session
    • Up to 3 group track sessions
    • Cancel at any time
    • Flexible invoicing for custom fitness/race plans
    • Goal Tracking
    • Consultation
    • Virtual coaching app & text opt-in messaging
    • Strength Work up to 3 sessions (Virtual or Group)
  • Gold Member: Elite

    Every month
    Plant Machine: Elite/Pro (A/B League)
    • Book any nutrition or fitness service available
    • Join any available recurring program or new
    • Book up to 3 group track sessions per month
    • 21-day sea moss challenge
    • Plant-based class when offered
    • Cancel at any time via member sign in
    • Book up to 3 strength sessions (virtual or in group)
    • Virtual coaching app & text opt-in messaging
  • World Class:Platinum

    Every month
    World Class Speed Project: Olympic
    • Monthly Training Plan
    • Access to Coach Calendar: Virtual Support
    • In-person development
    • Track Speed Drills and Rhythm work
    • Mobility
    • Strength Training development
    • Motivation & healthy support line text opt-in messages
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