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Vegan athletes are rare specimens and do not get enough credit at times. It is a fascinating lifestyle which reveals strong individuals who care about animals, the environment, and the incredible potential of the human body.

Nearly every vegan athlete maintains a diet and exercise routine few will ever match; which makes them some of the most honorable people in the world. Check out some tips and information that could help you with your journey . Don’t just play the game, do it better.



Asia is a vegan endurance athlete & a plant-based nutrition advocate in Detroit, MI. She has dedicated her diet to plants and devoted her life to purposeful action. Just within the last two years she has been coaching a local run club called WERUN313, helping them clock top finishes and personal records at Trivium Series in the 5K, 10k, and Half Marathon. She has been leading and supporting a large community of runners who have also transitioned to a plant-based diet. Prior to her current role, she was a graduate coach, assisting division 1 athletes at University of Detroit Mercy & Eastern Michigan University.

Asia is also drug/medicine free, she practices this same approach with her athletes injuries, offering a preventative approach using anti-inflammatory herbs & others. In 2013 Asia found out she had a torn meniscus, which came from events such as long jump and 400m hurdling. She was recommended surgery due to her pain and inability to run. However, she stopped taking ibuprofen and challenged herself with natural remedies, an alkaline plant-diet, and her own strength plan.


As a retired NCAA performer, she got back in shape and performed in her leisure time, running a 5k time of 21.30 (6:56 per mile), finishing top 3 at every trivium race since 2019 on a plant-based diet. She plans to maintain her training as a coach and athlete, in hopes to inspire her own clientele and demonstrate healthy & conscious running.

As Asia grows in her journey, she has been featured on podcasts, articles, and other forums.

Become more than a great unhealthy athlete. See what's on the other side. 

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