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Start using mortars and pestles!

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Advance the taste of your food today!!

This will take your meals from average to extraordinary, simply by using a mortar and pestle. Invite your family and friends in the process and give them that restaurant taste!.

“Keep life simple and make everything affordable & fun. A mortar and pestle is a kitchen staple and something you must have." - Brown Bambi

This tool is very ancient and has been used throughout many points in history, up until today. Back then, they didn't have electricity, let's get back to our roots. The bowl portion is known as the mortar, the stick to smash is known as the pestle. In the picture, I have a reversible pestle to grind and smash different items. Don't be afraid to get the best out of your food and put in a little work. Have fun with it!

Mortar and pestle benefits:

There are many benefits by using a mortar instead of a blender or machine device. The mechanics is that you are smashing/grinding herbs, spices, and vegetables which allows you to get all of the juices and flavors out. Chopping and cutting splits it (leaving a lot of flavor and juices still inside), you have to break the cell wall and all the flavor to do its thing. Which will make your pastas smell wonderful!

  • Better taste

  • Maintains freshness

  • A lot more nutrients remain, unlike traditional blenders and tools

  • Can travel with this or go camping

  • Makes a fun picnic project

  • No baking or heat necessary

  • If you run out of electricity you can still make food naturally!

What Kind do I use?

I use a marble mortar, I did some research and found this one to be better for me. Ceramic mortars are too noisy for me and I do not like the sound or how the substance looks. After more research, I realized it took more effort to use the ceramic mortars than the other ones.

What other kinds are out there:

  • Granite

  • Ceramic

  • Marble

  • Brass

  • Glass

Granite is best used for guacamole and probably the most used, but I like marble better and the consistency it gave on the types of meals I needed to make. I got mine off amazon, find it here:

Here is my recipe I used to make a simple spinach dip.


  • Bunch of spinach

  • 2-3 garlic cloves

  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil

  • Vegan Mayo 2 tablespoons

  • seasonings (salt, pepper, red pepper flakes)

please use your discretion if you want to make more.


  • Smash garlic with pestle

  • Smash spinach with pestle

  • Add olive oil and red pepper flakes

  • Smash and stir with pestle

  • add vegan mayo and stir with spoon (taste)

  • Add seasonings (taste)

Optional: chopped onions, green peppers, or parsley to top

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