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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Staying motivated during the colder months


This blog post is about adjusting your training while the seasons change. Often times it is very hard to stay motivated, however running with the right friends, the right gear, and picking the right scenes will make a great experience. Make sure to have your warm items ready a long with some warm meals to fill your tummy once you get home.

“Every run is a work of art, a drawing on each day's canvas. Some runs are shouts and some are whispers. Some runs are eulogies and others celebrations. - Dagny Scott Barrios”


Fall training is tricky because some days are warm while others are cooler. It also depends if you like to run in the morning, evening, or at night. It's better to bring a lot of clothes and them make a decision once you get there by leaving items in your car. If you are running near your home, go outside and run around for about 30 seconds to see if what you have on is ideal. if not, feel free to grab some more items from your car or head back inside to add more layers.

The more clothes you have on the harder it is to run. So try going to a running store and check out the latest gear. Sports manufactures are now innovating ways for runners to run light even while it is cold.

Try investing in:

1. Lightweight vests

Try investing in this so it doesn't feel like you are running with a large jacket. believe it or not vests can keep us very warm especially if we have hats, gloves, sleeves and other items. the other benefits with vests in the colder months is that you set you phone, keys, or wallet on the inside sleeve.

2. Arm sleeves and compression tops & bottoms

The warmer you are the better. Its very essential to keep all muscles and body temp warm. this will prevent injury and allow the run to feel warmer since you will not have a huge coat on. long sleeve compression tops and pants. Also, the running tights are better for motion and natural running biomechanics as you begin to get in the groove of each run. There are many different brands out there, it's best to do some research and understand the technology behind the compression wear and what will keep you warm. Although, keep it stylish ;)

3. Headbands, running gloves & hats

Its always good to keep your hands warm, but no need to wear regular mittens. Try and find running gloves that will keep your fingers in the same running motion. However, use what you have. Also, wearing light hats and material that don't over power the run.

4. Have warm meals ready once you get home

Once you finish a run, you want to be able to come home to a warm stew. Something that is filling and makes you feel happy. My favorite stew I make is my vegan cabbage stew filled with warm tomatoes, mushrooms, lentils, chickpeas, cabbage, and potatoes. The broth is spicy and makes me feel very full, I even add kidney beans or navy beans for more heartiness. Fall training requires a different mood and regime that you must be able to balance to keep the fun going.


Picking the right scene

The type of trail you decide to run on could possible make or break your motivation. When the weather starts to get cold it's more motivating to see other people running through the same conditions you are in. Not only that, you want trails that are friendly routes and yield a lot of oxygen and serene vibes. A lot of the time our run club will switch up the scene to make sure we feel refreshed.


Enjoy the run

Enjoy your time with friends and running colleagues. Doesn't mean you have to be there all day and wait for the last person, however you want to enjoy your daily accomplishment. It takes a lot to drive to trails or even maintaining a training plan. Make sure you are enjoying the best of these abilities, take pictures visit a shop on foot near by.

Cherish these moments.

- Coach

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