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"Afternoon Surprise". Fun non-alcoholic drinks & low calorie healthiness

Craving a soda taste or your fav mojito, give this a go!

This is refreshing drink & will add happiness to your day, the key to happiness is to create things that make you feel joyful.

I made this drink for my boyfriend and he actually named it, "Afternoon Surprise" in which, it gave him that feeling!

Having fun & keeping healthiness at the forefront:

We technically don't have to use a wine glass for "wine". Spice up your healthy journey and know that it is up to "you" to make "you" feel happy.

Sparkling mineral water is a healthy alternative to sugary sodas or alcoholic drinks. Once I went vegan, I used to crave a "soda like taste", but wanted to keep my healthiness in contact. These type of drinks will give you that satisfaction with fresh ingredients, so you can lead a lower-calorie, healthier lifestyle.

  • Fresh taste

  • Maintains citrus

  • A lot more nutrients remain, unlike traditional drinks

  • No alcohol

  • Makes a fun picnic drink

Start with fresh ingredients

Ingredients (1 serving):

  • 3-5 mint leaves

  • 3-4 rasberries

  • 1 clementine

  • 1 lime

  • 1 tablespoon of agave

  • Sparkling Mineral Water

please use your discretion if you want to make more.


  • Pour sparkling mineral water in wine glass

  • Add agave

  • Add mint leaves

  • Squeeze clementine juice in wine glass

  • Cut lime in half and squeeze half of lime in wine glass

Give it a quick stir....

  • Cut a thinly slice of lime and add it in drink

  • Add raspberries

  • Taste and add more agve where needed for sweetness

  • Add ice (optional)


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