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Spring Cleaning - Healthy Lifestyle!

Organizing with Bambi!

I recently started my spring cleaning process and I definitely learned a few things down the road that I wanted to share. Healthiness is not only limited food, it is also an extension of our home, cleanliness, and lifestyle.

However, just like everyone else, I also found this hard to maintain.

As I grow in my journey, I come to realize, we can do this together!

Organization = Efficiency

The typical person in today's modern world is very VERY busy. As I became flustered in my schedule, I wanted to discover easy tips/solutions that will help with my day to day life.

When I am not organized I find myself:

  • Stressed

  • Waisting time

  • Frustrated

  • Irritable

When things are clean and organized there are many benefits:

  • It gives a sense of peace and calming to our life

  • Organization is linear to our health because it decreases stress and it allows are mind and hearts to be at ease

  • We are proven to get more work done and feel vibrationally higher

Imagine searching for something and you cannot find it? It's never a good feeling inside and it does not release the energy you need to start the day.

Everybody wants to come home with efficiency, but lately I have been struggling with this myself. I wanted to write a blog post where people can relate to the same struggles, yet being able to resolve and reconcile their home as well.

Also, think about if you are living with more than one person, these tips will certainly come in handy!

My organizing closet method near my front entry:

  • What are the top items you always need before leaving the house? This closet is by my door entry, so I want the top things I look for when I run outside such as slides, flip flops, umbrella, light jacket.

  • Do you have extra space for guest items outside of the items of your own? Did you pack your closet to its capacity? Always leave space to add here and there.

  • Do you have things hidden or stuffed in corners? Make sure they are visible!

Take a look to see where I bought my items and purchase them for yourself!

Shoe Organizer (Amazon):

Organizing basket (The Container Store):

Please share your healthy lifestyle with others and make sure to subscribe!

Enjoy! Make sure to tag me @Brown_Bambi

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