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My Swimming Journey

For those who don’t know, I cannot swim. I decided to conquer this feat at the age of 30. It all happened so quickly, I was at the YMCA and drowned at a very young age like 7 or 8 years old. I managed to get myself out, by the grace of God, but ever since then I just decided to move on in life & never look back.

I was always a decorated athlete, but I didn’t think swimming was important. I looked at it as a luxury skill or an option of choice. So I just continued to work hard in varsity sports, receive my full-ride for running, and just never address it swimming. Yet, here we are...

Forward Black women and our hair with swimming

  1. Try not to let this become a hurdle in your swimming journey. Wear hairstyles that you can easily manage, understand that you are beautiful no matter what & this is something we need to venture more into or provide solutions for it like we always have.

  2. Maintain moisture, leave-in conditioners, braids, twists, etc. Moisture is a big rule of thumb with keeping your hair from breaking.

3. Get a swim cap & swim goggles. Some people swim with their hair out, however I like to wear a swim cap to manage my hair and keep distractions & things out my face.

64% of black people cannot swim - which includes me

Looking forward, I now understand that this is a survival skill. Understanding how to breathe, when to float, how to have buoyancy, etc. Majority of the world is covered with water and it is something we should become natural and familiar with. We were birthed out of water from the amniotic sac; this is our territory. Ask yourself ? Do your kids know how to swim, if not, why not?

Never let money be an objective to them surviving and never ask them if they want to learn, they don’t know any better like me. Find a way Plant Machine parents 💚.

Moreover, this post is not just for people who can’t swim. A lot of people are taught incorrectly and fail to realize that floating on their stomach, back, or holding ones breath is not ‘just for tricks in the pool’. It can be a survival mode as you wait for someone to come, learning how to stay relaxed and maintain breathing by pushing bubbles out your mouth and nose.

Where am I being taught to swim?

I have been learning how to swim via:

The level of exposure and Olympic style coaching techniques are helping me a lot, even with running.

Due to Covid, they have not been able to host group swim lessons, but that should be able to start back up July/August 2021 with detail to come.

How hard is it to swim and run?

Well in this pic, I had did an 8 mile run prior. The heat came in during the route so I crashed on the couch afterwards & felt completely tired. However, you can do anything you put your mind too, that’s something I remind myself daily. If you are serious about something, it will work in your favor.

There are days my legs feel heavy during the run (due to swimming) and I mentally want to give up. Somehow I am able to train my mind and body to push through. However, if there are days I don’t feel well, I absolutely take time off. I’d love to sleep in on a Sunday; but sometimes that’s just not realistic.

My swim routine:

  • Bring a swim bag with: swimsuit, swim cap, swim goggles, flip flops, lotion, lip moisturizer

  • Change in the locker room. Before swimming adjust the body temp by taking a lukewarm shower. As you stand make the shower colder and colder. Make sure you add water on your face. The point of this is so you’re not taking all day to get in the water due to it being cold. Sometimes I apply two swim caps to really keep the water out.

  • After your swim lesson, wash all the chlorine off of you in the shower

I hope you all enjoyed this opening vlog about my swimming process 🏊🏾‍♀️. I plan to keep everyone updated on my journey.

Various people are asking me will I compete in a race? Down the road,yes. For now I am enjoying the process of doing something that once held me back.

If you decide to begin your swim journey or improve it, tag Brown_Bambi use #plantmachine hashtags!!

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