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City Car Driving

This game is a fully functional 3D game, where you can freely drive a car of your choosing through city streets at night. Your car will show damage if you hit light poles, cars, walls or any other objects for that matter.

city car driving

City car driving is a game that fits the best way to simulate urban driving. Although not being certified for driving training, this is a good training area for anyone who does not consider themselves аs an experienced driver.

City Car Driving, or 'No Need For Speed: Lada Unleashed' as it's known inside my skull, is a motoring sim from Russia that prides itself on the realism of its automobiles, traffic flows and pedestrians. Aspiring bus queue splashers, hedgehog squashers, and cyclist harassers are sure to find it a useful companion to real-world driving instruction. Qualified drivers with sim sympathies should warm to it too as it captures the feel of urban motoring in winter and night-time conditions uncommonly well.

The 19/$25 CCD is at its most structured and schoolmarmish in 'career' mode. This collection of nineteen driving challenges ranging from relatively simple parking exercises in deserted car parks, to taxing taxi-style tasks on crowded inner-city road systems (every missed indication, accidental lane trespass, and exceeded speed limit pushes your penalty points tally closer to the automatic failure threshold) must be completed in a set order. As certain missions are tractor-tyre tough and success in them is the only legitimate way to access the game's handful of locked driveables and map areas, the temptation to reach for a labour-saving lockpick and move straight on to 'free driving' is awfully hard to resist.

The heart of the sim, 'free driving' is where the real magic happens. Cruising around Ersatz Russian City #1 - a rather cramped environment compared with the roomy rambles-spaces in the Truck Simulator series - there are moments, usually when light levels are low or snowflakes are whirling against your windscreen, when, against the odds, Forward Development's creation slurps from simulation's holy grail. Reality and unreality begin to smudge. Suddenly you're no longer sitting in that lumbar-supporting office chair in the back bedroom at 27 Cavalier Approach pretending to guide an elderly Lada Niva through tangled traffic streams in a bustling foreign city. You're actually guiding an elderly Lada Niva through tangled traffic streams in a bustling foreign city.

The whereabouts of that city can be customised with the aid of selectable traffic rules. US, Australian and continental EU highway codes and driving directions are replicated, though not always as rigorously as the default Russian Federation regs. Keen to drive under vaguely familiar conditions, I've been masquerading as an Aussie road user for most of the past week. While traffic behaviour is plausible, occasional inappropriate reprimands from the (optional) driving instructor suggest the game isn't entirely comfortable with the continent shift. Signalling left on leaving a roundabout I've sometimes been told I've used the wrong indicator, and turning at T junctions occasionally generates a brief but alarming 'you are travelling in the forbidden direction' message.

Aware that the freedom of 'free driving' could begin to pall after a while, the devs provide an optional route generation mechanism that spews out random destinations from time to time. It wouldn't take much to turn this into a fully formed taxi mode, but I quite like the vagueness of the current implementation. Why am I making my way from point A to point B? During recent days I've delivered beer, driven a mobile library, and taken an elderly tourist around the places he knew and loved as a child. Last night, at the wheel of a RAF-2203 minibus, things took a darker, dystopian turn. I was a secret policeman dropping snatch squads at the sites of anti-government demonstrations.

What would really electrify the CCD fanbase is the release of a map editor. Thanks to dynamic traffic currents and an admirable array of unscripted hazards including reckless pedestrians, aggressive AI drivers, and faulty traffic lights, I've yet to weary of the default locale, but it would be splendid to combine the sim's strong realism and knack for inner-city ambience, with real geography. The thought of braving the roads of central London, Moscow, or NYC in real-life brings me out in a cold sweat but I'd jump at the chance of getting to know them in virtual form.

For those who'd rather drive on rural highways than urban ones, the need for map editor is especially pressing. The current map has countryside and mountainous districts but these are so short of detail and character, I generally U-turn on entering them. Far better to be beetling about with the kopeyki, tramcars, and jay-walkers of the big city than roaming the achingly green, field- and farm-free wilderness that passes for the back of beyond in CCD.

Yes, City Car Driving is at its mesmerising best when you're surrounded by rush-hour impatience. When your windscreen is full of wiper-smeared tail lights, giant pantographed glow worms are breathing down your neck, and the city is wearing a mantle of unsullied ermine, CCD enfolds like a blizzard. Mirror... Signal... Lane change... Gear change... Accelerate... Brake... Accelerate... Brake... Gear change... Mirror... Signal... Accelerate... Lane change... It could be soporific, but with the threat of erratic AI drivers and pedestrians ever-present, relaxation never slides into repose. If you enjoy low-key wind-down sims like Train Simulator and American Truck Simulator I'd be surprised if you didn't also end up enjoying City Car Driving.

There are points for finishing various exercises and with enough points you can unlock special vehicles. Not really interesting to me. Speaking of self-driving Tesla fun, I wonder at what point you can sit in a passenger seat and watch as your Tesla navigates a racetrack, perform donuts, or drifts. The Stanford car already does this. With all the nannies in cars these days, are people even driving anymore?

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As dreadful as this incident is, I do however feel some concern for the juvenile driving and killing.We all know teens do stupid things. He will pay for the consequences of his stupid thing both legally and emotionally for the rest of his life. Teens' brains are not fully developed and will not be so until they reach about 25. They are used to playing fast video games with shootings and crashes and almost immediately the victim gets up and starts doing more of the same thing. Their view of reality is that they are invicibles. Today we are protecting our kids from reality and learning how to fail. With everyone getting a trophy, no results kept in kids sports, and everyone is a winner and nobody is a loser, our kids are not learning how to fail or how to navigate adult life. For those who have been socially distanced for the past couple of years due to the pandemic, they have lost out even more. I think this should be a wake up call to all parents to make sure their teens are mature and responsible enough to be out there driving on public roads. Two twin girls have lost their parents and will be changed forever from this dreadful crash. My thoughts and prayers for them and their extended family as they now take the future in whatever way it turns. Another family is going to pay the price of raising the 17 year old who caused this as well as the other doing the racing. Please let us all remind young drivers of their responsibility when they go out on the roads. Please let us all remind ourselves that we are paying the consequences of the way society is raising the young. Teach the young the realities of life, teach them to learn how to be responsible, how to facte the facts of real life, and how there will always be consequences for their serious mistakes.


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