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Tanner Tools With L-edit And T-spice [PORTABLE] Crack

Hello Tiffany, If the tooth has a crack, you do not have to worry about extracting the tooth. You can save the tooth if the crack extends past the bone level. If the crack extends below the bone level it will be in the center of the tooth, and your symptoms will be worse. If the crack does not extend below the bone level, the tooth can be saved with root canal treatment. Good luck, Dr. Silberman

tanner tools with l-edit and t-spice crack

Hi again Elizabeth, The way that a tooth cracks is like when someone hits your windshield. Their crack doesnt spread out so it just stays that way until you hit a bump in the road. With a tooth, it is possible to have a crack that doesnt spread out. It would be normal for the tooth to have some sensitivity when you place something cold on the tooth. This is to remind you that the tooth is feeling any movement on the inside. If you ever had a root canal and had your crown on and then you had a crack, it could make it so your crown is loosening, so you should call your dentist as soon as possible. If you are having problems like I am you could try popping a couple of aspirin for a couple of days, then take your toothbrush and brush it very gently like you brush your teeth. The purpose of the aspirin is to calm your nerves because it is sensitive. The toothbrush and aspirin will create a calming sensation in your tooth and break up the crack and possibly heal it. It is possible that you have an abscess, but a dentist could check it out and not charge you for that. Hope that helps. Dr. Silberman


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