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Outlook Stuck On Updating Inbox

Outlook 365 works on two-way synchronization. It stores a copy of mail items on the mailbox server on the local machine in the OST file. The changes made in Outlook are stored in the OST file and synchronized frequently with the mailbox server and vice-versa. However, Outlook cannot update the mail items to or from the mailbox server when synchronization fails. In such cases, users can neither send nor receive emails, leading to Outlook being stuck at updating the Inbox and Outbox folders issue.

outlook stuck on updating inbox

The Send/Receive errors in Outlook 365 usually occur due to system crashes, abrupt shutdowns caused by power failure, or any hardware/software-related problem. In this article, you will learn why Outlook 365 is stuck while updating the Inbox and Outbox folders and how to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

However, some users face Outlook stuck trying to connect because of an issue with two-way synchronization. So, Outlook cannot update the inbox data because synchronization is failing.

However, these are some causes why Outlook stuck on updating inbox. Now, we will discuss the possible methods to manually checking for updates. Before trying any method, we recommend backup Outlook emails to hard drive.

A problem with Outlook Synchronization conflicts due to IPv6. This problem can occur when using a VPN or a different proxy server for sending and receiving emails. It is advised to disable the IPv6 address settings. And check if the Outlook 365 stuck on updating inbox is fixed or not.

After successfully repairing the program, you can restart the system. and check the Outlook updating inbox stuck problem is fixed. If you want to know Focused Inbox in Outlook you can read this post.

The above method can help to fix the Outlook stuck on updating inbox. It allows Outlook to update the Inbox and Outbox folder promptly. If Outlook PST cannot be found you can read this post.

Finally, we solved the problem of Outlook stuck on updating inbox errors. This error can occur due to email client, system, or being unable to access data from Outlook mailbox server due to issues with Outlook OST data file. If this occurs, users should take action to fix an Outlook updating inbox not receiving emails. However, our experts have already discussed the optimal way to update Outlook stuck mailbox.

hi, users facing issue in outlook 2013 or 2016. users assigned o365 license. outlook profile configured earlier , mail downloaded per duration. later after 1 day showing updating inbox(3.99 gb)/ updating folder , new mail not getting updated.

hopefully somebody can helop me with this issue.When I start Outlook 2013 in Windows 8.1 from tiles, it will start and minimize into the task bar. The inbox will not open. I can start outlook in safe mode: outlook /safe.

My boss was formely using outlook 2013(POP), then he stared having problem getting all his inbox mails, so we deleted the the account and create an IMAP account for the mail. He is able to get all his inbox mail now synchronizing well but his sent mails doesnt show in the outlook but reflect on his gmail server and his Iphone. pls help out . thanks

Worked like a charm for me in regards to two things I have been searching for 2 days. New laptop and installed outlook 2013 and my first problem was not synching or allowing to delete an email from the inbox and the 2nd problem was not pulling in new emails. I disabled the only show subscribed folders and both problems were fixed. THANK YOU

I have office 2013 on my computer and am still using windows 7. I typically use outlook from as part of office 2013 on my desk top, but it dose not always sync so if I go to hotmail/ or get my emails via my android phone or ipad the emails are not always the same. I understand my folders may take some time to sync, but emails in my inbox are not getting to me on my desk top using outlook via office 2013. What can I do?

I installed Yahoo IMAP account with Outlook 2013, all my folders/subfolders including Sent & Trash are perfectly syncing except Inbox. My Yahoo inbox has around 5000+ mails, but outlook only synced 600+ mails.

Hi there- i am having issues with new emails coming into my inbox. i just downloaded microsoft 365 on a new computer and my outlook isnt updating. the last email that came through was Monday morning. i am able to send emails. When i run a test email it completes and comes through outlook on my other computer but not current one. When i try to repair a message comes through about encryption error.

I had a quick question about exchange shared mailboxes. Lately I've had several people in my organization tell me that their shared mailboxes are not updating when emails are sent. They can manually update the folder and emails will come through but once manually updated nothing else comes through. I've tried clearing our their offline items, manually updating the folder after that, turning off a few different add on that could be causing issues, and removed their delegations and re-added them. We do have an exchange server that we use but I would think if it was a problem with the server that more people would be having this issue. Its also good to note that this is only an issue with the desktop app version of outlook so far.


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