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Learn About the Currencies of Different Countries with Pictures in This Pdf File

Currency Of Different Countries With Pictures Pdf Download

Have you ever wondered how many currencies are there in the world? How do they look like? What are their values and symbols? If you are interested in learning more about the currencies of different countries, you are in the right place. In this article, you will find out what a currency is, what are some of the most popular currencies in the world, and how to download a pdf file of currencies of different countries with pictures. Let's get started!

Currency Of Different Countries With Pictures Pdf Download

What Is A Currency?

A currency is a money in any form used as a medium of exchange, especially in coins and banknote forms. Money can be defined as any legal tender issued by the government and accepted as a payment for goods or services offered, taxes, and debt repayment. Thus, a currency is a monetary unit used by the buyer to obtain goods or services from a seller.

Currencies can be classified into three monetary systems; representative, commodity, and fiat money. Representative money is money printed on paper representing the value of an item or commodity. For instance, a gold certificate representing the value of gold one has. Commodity money is money in the form of other items such as gold or silk, which can be used in buying other goods. Fiat money is a currency issued by the government and not pegged on any commodity.

Another form of currency gaining popularity is virtual currency, a digital, unregulated currency issued and controlled by the developer. Examples include Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Popular Currencies Of The World

Almost every country has a unique currency, although some countries share common currencies. Currently, about 180 currencies are used across the globe and recognized by the United Nations. However, not all the currencies have equal strength or value; some are stronger and trade frequently in the foreign exchange markets.

The Kuwaiti dinar is the worlds strongest and highest valued currency. It is also the worlds most valuable currency, with its strength and value attributed to Kuwaits oil resources.

The US dollar (US$) is the most used and trade currency. It is considered the worlds chief reserve currency held by most commercial and central banks globally. Besides the US, 22 other countries use different forms of the dollar currency, including Australia and Canada.

The Euro currency () is used by 19 of the 27 EU member states, making it one of the currencies used by most countries.

Pound sterling () is the oldest currency still in use and the UKs official currency.

Here are some pictures of coins and notes used in different countries:

Source: Currencies of the World - Math is Fun

How To Download A Pdf File Of Currencies Of Different Countries With Pictures

If you want to have a pdf file of currencies of different countries with pictures, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Smallpdf - Word to PDF Converter, a free online tool that can convert any Word document to a pdf file.

  • Click on the "Choose Files" button and select the Word document that contains the currencies of different countries with pictures. You can also drag and drop the file or upload it from Google Drive or Dropbox.

  • Wait for the conversion to finish. It should take only a few seconds.

  • Download the pdf file to your computer or save it to Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also share it via email or a link.

Some tips to make your pdf file more attractive and informative are:

  • Use high-quality images of the currencies and resize them to fit the page.

  • Add captions and descriptions to the images to explain their features and values.

headings and subheadings.

  • Include a table of contents and page numbers for easy navigation.

  • Add a footer with your name and contact information.


Currencies of different countries are fascinating and diverse. They reflect the history, culture, and economy of each nation. By learning more about them, you can gain a better understanding of the world and its people. You can also use them to compare and contrast the values and exchange rates of different countries.

If you want to have a pdf file of currencies of different countries with pictures, you can easily create one using a Word document and an online converter. This way, you can have a handy reference that you can use for your personal or professional purposes.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading!


What is the difference between currency and money?

Currency and money are often used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same. Money is a broader term that refers to any medium of exchange that can be used to buy goods or services. Currency is a specific type of money that is issued by a government and has a legal status.

What is the symbol for currency?

The symbol for currency is usually a letter or a combination of letters that represents the name or abbreviation of the currency. For example, the symbol for US dollar is $, the symbol for Euro is , and the symbol for British pound is . Some currencies also have unique symbols that are derived from their history or culture. For example, the symbol for Indian rupee is , which is based on the Devanagari script.

What is the most common currency in the world?

The most common currency in the world is the US dollar, which is used by 22 countries as their official currency and by many more as their de facto currency. The US dollar is also the most traded currency in the foreign exchange market and the most held reserve currency by central banks.

What is the rarest currency in the world?

The rarest currency in the world is the Zambian 5000 kwacha note, which was issued in 2003 to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Bank of Zambia. Only 1,000 notes were printed and they were quickly withdrawn from circulation. Today, they are valued at over $23,000 each.

What is the best way to exchange currency?

The best way to exchange currency depends on several factors, such as the amount, the destination, and the availability of options. Generally, some of the best ways to exchange currency are:

  • Using an online service that offers low fees and competitive rates.

  • Using a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees.

  • Using an ATM that belongs to your bank or its partner network.

  • Using a reputable local exchange bureau that offers fair rates.

Some of the worst ways to exchange currency are:

  • Using an airport kiosk that charges high fees and poor rates.

  • Using a hotel or tourist shop that offers convenience but low value.

  • Using an unknown or unlicensed dealer that may scam you or give you counterfeit notes.



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