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Story Of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town Switch ...

Apart from additional marriage candidates, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town's Expansion Pass will also include new storylines, items, and locations for players to explore. In April, players will receive the Olive Town Mystery Files, which will have players join Mikey and Cindy to investigate strange incidents in town. In May, the Windswept Falls Expansion will feature a brand new area. Lastly, the months of June and August will also open two new locations that players can explore in the game.

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town Switch ...

There are a few small storylines your character is a part of in Pioneers of Olive Town, but the central narrative has to do with improving the town to boost its profile and attract tourists. No matter how small, when changes are made around town, they are visible and do indeed class up the joint. Not only do your efforts help give the town a glow up, but they also add some substance to it.

STORY OF SEASONS: PIONEERS OF OLIVE TOWN is the newest entry in the beloved "Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons" (same developers, different names) franchise. Players arrive in Olive Town following the death of their grandfather, who has left behind a dilapidated farm for his grandchild to inherit. Players choose their name, gender expression (which can be "masculine" or "feminine," regardless of the choice to use she/her or he/him pronouns), and outfit. The objective is to restore the farm to whatever the player envisions it should be. After removing obtrusive trees and rocks, players can customize the location of all crops, barns, and storage. Players are also free to run more well-rounded operations or devote more resources to mastering a particular craft. Seasons consist of 30 days, each with its own set of crops to cultivate and special events occurring in town. The main storyline revolves around adding small upgrades to Olive Town in order to attract tourists, with each cutscene offering the choice of small improvements such as new roads and a town mascot.

The long-awaited brand new entry in the original farm / life simulation franchise, known in Japan as Bokujou Monogatari, makes its debut on Nintendo Switch, bringing players more freedom than ever before to shape an untamed wilderness and customize their farm down to the very tile. A new cast of marriage candidates, a town that grows and thrives along with your farm, and a request system highlight the new features, all while retaining the core elements of the Story of Seasons series. Finding Earth Sprites while exploring your farmland may lead you to mysterious, fantastical lands such as gardens where the seasons never change, an island in the sky, or even the inside of a volcano![1]

Some people will be pleased to know that all bachelors and bachelorettes are available for marriage regardless of gender. They're all in town from day one, so there's no need to worry about switching to a new person that you like. However, some components to this bachelor/bachelorette system felt lacking in some areas, especially when I compare to parts that I loved in Rune Factory 4. In RF4, the developers included a dating element for your chosen boyfriend/girlfriend. At any time, you could ask your significant other to accompany you for a date, and there were some really cute moments that can happen on the date. This was also in addition to the regular events that involve your beloved. While the later events in Pioneers of Olive Town were nice to experience, it didn't evoke the same feelings that I've experienced before.

The town hall, next door to the museum, is where you get requests and claim your rewards for earning titles and answer requests. Requests come from residents and the Mayor. Some requests advance the story (and DLC) and some improve your relationship level with the requesting party. Others earn you money or other items.

Pioneers of Olive Town is stuffed with things to do, and while the seasons pass rather slowly, I was surprised at how much I was packing into a day \u2013 as well as how much more I still wanted to do at the end of each one. At any given point you're working toward rebuilding a structure, clearing a new segment of land, planning another excursion into one of multiple mines, saving for the purchase of a new tool upgrade, trying to finish a quest to develop the town, and trying to get the cute girl who works at the museum to come take a walk on the beach with you. It\u2019s pretty standard stuff for the most part. 041b061a72


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