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Nikifor Seliverstov

Sea Dogs City Of Abandoned Ships Mods LINK

The game's systems feel exciting and responsive. Alliances between colonial powers can change at any moment, and at one point I pulled into a port city only to find it under siege by a ragtag pirate fleet, which offered plenty of riches for me to plunder when they inevitably failed. I roamed the seas, illicitly attacking British colonial vessels and merchant ships. Sure, I often found myself fleeing my own raids, but I still swiftly gained a level of notoriety that lost me my British citizenship and soon saw me flying the flag of the jolly roger.

Sea Dogs City Of Abandoned Ships Mods

Various other immersion mods that are not related with survival and needs directly, but greatly improving various other aspects of the game - dialogues, birds, better questing and objectives, lore-related things, city lights and more.

All ships are craftable for all vanilla wood types, and Small Ships also offers support for wood types added by other mods: specifically Biomes o Plenty, Environmental and Lord of the Rings Mod: Renewed.

I wonder when they will start on the next game or whether they already did. If the achievements are anything to go by, we can see that the core player audience from the start was about 10% of all buyers. These are the players that built at least a 9-tile city, 9% managed to unlock monuments, less than 5% ever reached more than 100,000 inhabitants (although these are longtime players where a fraction may use mods and doesn't care for achievements). Snowfall managed to still mostly reach the latter group, as 3.8% built a sauna in their cities and 3.1% experienced snowfall. Natural disaster managed to reach about 1.8% or about half of the Snowfall audience. The highest Mass Transit achievements clock in at 0.6%. Green Cities comes in at 0.2% if you look at the relevant achievements. The "Green Energy" achievement is a good way to see the amount of players that still play the game at all, as it came with "Green Cities", was added to the base game, and is unlocked when you start a new city with a wind turbine, and this comes in at 8.2% percent. Steamspy puts the current player base also at about 9.5%. I wonder whether this means that the base game still sells decently, but the audience for expansions dried up, or whether it's all old players who just didn't like the new expansions. Probably a mix.

OT: I would say that EA/Maxis damaged the city builder genre with SimCity 2013, with its tiny maps and many bugs.. I would say that Cities Skylines has revived the genre a bit and brought it into the light.. I like CSL a lot due to what it can do, and with mods I can have the whole map to play around in, and on that part the quality of the mods coming out for the game are getting much better..

This was a pretty big let-down for me, as I like the simplicity of games like SC-4 where there isn't nonsense about updates etc, and the game just loads. You download mods and buildings when you want to be logged in and just do it manually, worked just fine.

Seeing your airport get demand based on the cities population and economy- and you would physically have to increase the airport size by adding gates - but there could also be an airline/company aspect to the game where you buy particular kinds of airplanes and assign them to routes to distant cities that either you build or make deals with other players on the map. The planes that pulled in and out of the airport gates would actually be run by you (and other players) and painted in your city/company colors.. Players with more influence would be known map-wide by their planes making more frequent showings at your airports.. same with ships, and trains.

Education annoys me because it makes industry impossible to specialise in. Sure, there's offices, but that's basically a glorified commercial zone and is boring to play around. Industry in SC4 was at least enjoyable, since you could either skill-up your workforce and get high-tech, or allow your industry zones to become hell-holes. These blights were there and sometimes very hard to get rid of, but they were always staffed and very lucrative. In SC2013 we saw this expanded to have production lines and processes which could make your city very rich. Both games treated industry as something worthwhile. Nevertheless, CSL seems to kill industry in the midgame. Basically once you hit high density residential, your industrial workers flee for some reason, leaving abandoned factories. To keep these districts alive you literally need to stupify your population. I would much rather.

Also what's the deal against modding? Fan beloved "best city building" SC4 outright sucks without mods. People do need to take their rose tinted glasses off and look at SC4 without the NAM and such. It sucks. I couldn't play SC4 without the NAM, and I don't think I would like it much without other mods, either. People who make CJs or Youtube channels about CSL also aren't trying to "trick" you into buying a far less good looking game, they've just modded it and they use it as a user program more than a game. I fail to see how that's false advertising, *especially* since you can get those mods for yourself and build neat stuff, too. They do also take the game beyond what it's intended to do - so it's not the dev's fault if you hyped yourself for a game based on what people are doing to it outside of the game's parameters.

It was much more enjoyable to actually built a city and specialize one. The gameplay aspect they got right. Visually it was also more appealing than C:S vanilla. It was just hard to fail a city in that game also. The coregame died, because there wasn't really anything to do after an hour of 15. The game was kind of too easy balanced or badly balanced in some other regards. Not enough room and no custom mods to built beautiful cities and the aspect of multiplayer wasn't necessary and didn't really stimulate people to play together. Community died fast and than sales we're thrown into the abyss, so combined with the bad publicity EA killed it.


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