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Woh Kaun Thi Movie 720p: The Ultimate Guide to the Bollywood Masterpiece

Woh Kaun Thi Movie 720p: A Classic Bollywood Thriller

If you are a fan of suspenseful movies with a touch of romance and mystery, you might want to check out Woh Kaun Thi, a classic Bollywood thriller from 1964. This movie is widely regarded as one of the best movies of its genre, with a captivating plot, a stellar cast, a brilliant director, and a memorable soundtrack. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Woh Kaun Thi movie 720p, including its story, its actors, its awards, its legacy, and how to watch it online or offline.

Woh Kaun Thi movie 720p

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The Plot of Woh Kaun Thi Movie

The movie revolves around Dr. Anand (played by Manoj Kumar), a well-respected psychiatrist who lives a happy life with his mother and sister. One night, he encounters a mysterious woman (played by Sadhana) on a deserted road and offers her a lift. She tells him that her name is Sandhya and that she lives in an old mansion nearby. She also warns him not to follow her inside the mansion as it is haunted by ghosts. Anand is intrigued by her beauty and mystery but respects her wish.

However, fate has other plans for him as he soon learns that Sandhya is his fiancee whom his father has chosen for him. He is shocked to see that she is identical to the woman he met on the road but she denies ever meeting him before. He tries to convince her that they have met but she insists that she is not Sandhya but Seema, a dancer who works at a club. Anand is confused and frustrated by her behavior but still feels attracted to her.

Things get even more complicated when Anand starts seeing Sandhya everywhere he goes. He sees her at his clinic, at his home, at his friend's wedding, and even in his dreams. He also receives mysterious phone calls from her asking him to meet her at the mansion. He begins to b70169992d


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