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Half-time/full-time betting is what? How to play to easily make money

As football bettors, not everyone understands what the first half (HT) bet is? What is the full-time handicap (HF) bet? Therefore, in the following article, Thabet Online Sports will help you answer your questions about this type of first-half betting. Let's explore together with Wintips.

What is full-time halftime betting?

Football betting halftime HT (HT is an abbreviation for Half Time)

In football betting where only the result of the first half is considered, the handicap betting will be considered as non-handicap. The defined time of the first half includes injury time.

Full-time football betting FT (FT is an abbreviation for Full Time)

Football betting based on the win-loss result of both teams throughout the match. Full-time betting is also calculated without a handicap. The final time of the match is 90 minutes of official play, including injury time.

Both of these types of bets are commonly used terms in football betting matches at online bet at home bookmaker.

When betting on half-time/full-time, the result of penalty shootouts or matches with extra time will not be counted. For lower-level events with shorter playing time, the official playing time of the event will be counted. The official playing time of these tournaments is usually around 60 to 80 minutes.

If there is extra time in the match, what is halftime extra time betting? Are halftime betting types easy to win?

Half-time/Full-time symbol

Below are some detailed information about the HT/FT market (half-time - full-time)

Players need to know to read betting sites in malaysia pay table.

Half-time: >> corresponds to the first half

Full-time: >> Bet for the entire match.

H: >> represents the home team.

D: >> It's a draw.

A: >> represents the away team.

HH = Home - Home: >> Bet on the home team winning in the first half or the whole match.

HA = Home - Away: = >> Bet on the home team winning the first half >> and the away team winning the whole match.

AA: >> The away team wins the first half and the whole match.

DD = Draw - Draw: >> Bet on the first half will be a draw, >> the whole match will also be a draw.

HD = Home - Draw: >> bet on the home team to win the first half >> draw the whole match.

AH: >> Bet on the away team winning the first half. Then the home team will win the whole match.

DA: Draw - Away: >> Bet on a draw in the first half. ≫> When time runs out, the away team will win the match.

Should we bet on halftime and full-time?

As mentioned above, betting on halftime and full-time can be beneficial but also harmful. It all depends on the game. But overall. This type of bet, if utilized correctly, can help you win big bets.

You should use HT/FT when the match meets one of the following conditions:

Both teams are evenly matched. Then you should bet on half of the game and make the entire game a Draw/Draw.

The weaker team compared to the stronger team. Usually weaker teams in home games.

When the team leading in H1 unexpectedly loses a player due to a red card. At this time, they are likely to maintain the score for the half. But in the end, you will lose.

If two teams surpass each other in terms of class, it is natural to bet on the stronger team.

Rules for betting halftime and full time for Thabet

Introduction to playing Half Time - Full Time (including live betting)

Based on the first half and full match results of the home and away teams.

If played on a neutral field, the team on top will be the home team.

All "Half/Full" betting results must be based on an ongoing match "Limited time".

The standard for each half is 45 minutes (including injury time) (excluding the 90 minutes played).

In addition, the results of extra time, penalty shootouts, or results changed by the Sports Discipline Committee will not be counted.

Some youth tournaments (if noted from U13 to U23 after the team name, youth, reserve).

Regulations on official playing time (including injury time) can be from 60 to 80 minutes.

If these games are not suspended, postponed, or affected by weather conditions, the games will not be played.

At the end of the stipulated time, our company still considers all halftime/full-time bets as "Valid bets". Please note.

Resolution conditions: If the bet is successful, and the result is a win or loss of the first half and the match at home and away will be a win.

Refresh before placing a bet to get the latest odds.

Example of placing halftime/full-time bets and how to settle: Take the home team Barcelona vs. The away team Real Madrid as an example.

Thabet has 9 types of bets

Home/Home (H/H)

Home/Away (H/A)

Home/Draw (H/D)

Away/Home (A/H)

Away/Away (A/A)

Away/Draw (A/D)

Draw/Home (D/H)

Draw/Away (D/A)

Draw/Draw (D/D)

Some halftime/full-time betting tips

Some Thabet players share effective Half Time - Full Time (HT/FT) betting tips as follows.

HT/FT approximate odds = HT x FT running at the end of the first half

When playing HT/FT, don't forget to take advantage of the betting advantage when the match is 0-0

Identify statistics before the match in the 2 time periods of the first half and the whole match.

Betting HT/FT Home/Away and Away/Home will have a high winning rate when the game returns

Research thoroughly all information about the team such as form, lineup, or head-to-head history of both teams.

For matches where two teams are different, players should choose the stronger team.

Half Time - Full Time is a system of 9 event types >> so bookmakers will charge a very high fee for this type of bet.

When you see one team much stronger than the other team >> then you can bet on HT/FT >> at this time the odds will be higher

Matches of equal strength between two teams should be limited. Because in such a battle, the betting money tends to be very high as it is always extremely difficult to predict.

Is ThaBet reputable for halftime/full-time betting?

Basic information:

Established year: 2004

Country: Philippines

License: PAGCOR Philippine Entertainment and Gaming Corporation

Category: Online betting

Service platform: mobile and PC

Gaming services: Sports betting, Online casino, Online lottery, Bonus games

Links: Many other famous bookmakers

Deposit support: 5 minutes - Multiple banks - Minimum 50,000 VND

Withdrawal support: 5 minutes - Multiple banks - x Million / Day.

Online support: Multi-platform

Is wintips reputable?

Thabeet is licensed by the Philippine Entertainment and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) - An organization specializing in managing and licensing gaming, casinos, entertainment… under the government office and under the direct direction of the President of the Philippines.

This is also easy to understand because in Vietnam, online gaming, online lotteries… are not licensed yet, but in the Philippines, this activity is legal and licensed by the licensing authority.

Therefore, they had to choose to establish their business headquarters in the Philippines. Like many other major bookmakers worldwide such as KU Casino, M88, FABET, their licenses are issued in Europe, but they still operate globally, so it's normal.

and THABET Gambler also has a legal gaming license from PAGCOR of the Philippine government. Therefore, players can completely rest assured about legal matters and trust when betting in Vietnam. Then, immediately, Thabeet has a large team of staff ready to support customers 24/7, bringing trust and helping customers feel comfortable when betting.


Half-time/full-time betting is truly appealing to players because you only need to invest a small amount of money, but the rewards you receive are very large. Therefore, you need to be an experienced player to make accurate predictions about the odds.


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