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Dvdfab ((FREE)) Free Serial Code

8085 of the HD Decrypter part works in a stable fashion but whatever new code the QT interface is using seems to have introduced instabilities that make even the free portion hard to use. I'll stick with 8085.

Dvdfab Free Serial Code

FIRST - what is the QT thing? Anybody know? Is that why it is noticeably larger? Is it that new 2D to 3D converter thing? WTH is that feature for? With that QT question unanswered:A jump in size of over 3 meg for a program that was 15 meg in That's sort of hard to stomach. I would continue using until the final release of this new version comes out to see just what warrants such a huge jump in size for an app this small.The core ripping product (DVDFab HD Decrypter) that is included in the main app remains Free and allows you to rip Full Disc and Main Movie for both DVD and Blu-ray IS worth using. It does a good job of getting your disc onto your local hard drive while removing protections so you can process that content with other tools. However, the full version of this product, which provides other features such as conversion to other formats, is NOT worth purchasing, imo. It is too slow, too buggy and much, much too expensive. DO NOT spend ANY money to purchase DVDFab retail. It is not worth it at all.Using the free decrypter portion of DVDFab along with the free Handbrake app should give most folks just about all they need.

UPDATE: Just to summarize (sorry I babble at times) but the basic points to note are these - The core ripping technology works well and the Free DVD HD Decrypter portion of the program is certainly worth using. But, the additional features available in the Retail version are simply much too expensive and continue to be buggy and slow. RECOMMENDATION: Download the program and use the free HD Decrypter function to rip discs to your drive and then use other tools (DVD Shrink, Handbrake, etc.) to process that content. That way you do not have to spend a dime and you still get a great result.PREVIOUS COMMENTS: On its own merits, this thing is WAY too expensive. It's also UNGODLY SLOW!. Just try putting in DaVinci ccode or something and having it rip the main movie and export it to an iPad format - OMG. Nearly TWO HOURS on a 2.0ghz Intel Dual Core with 3 gig of RAM Even just ripping a DVD is slower than it used to be, and the options for ripping and converting are very limited. You rip a DVD that has a 480 vertical resolution, why isn't a 480 vertical resolution always available as an output option, regardless of format?DVDFab Retail is a Waste Of Money. Period.The only thing DVDFab provides that is worth using is the Free HD DECRYPTER function. That's it. Use DVDShrink to process the rip and don't bother with the rest of this junk.If you want to process the video to mobile devices, use HANDBRAKE, a great and recently updated Open Source program. The conversion stuff inside of DVDFab Retail has serious issues, especially with Audio sync on some TV episode DVD's like Stargate Season 1.

I'm still seeing problems when ripping disks that the 5.x versions handled fine.I've reported this to them, but have yet to see a fix for it. Something they changed in going to the 6.x codebase seems to have been a rather notable step backwards.I like that it is free, but I would like it even more if it worked as well as it did in the 5.x series.It's a tough call but I'm going with a rating of 3 instead of higher because they have had the trouble reported directly to them more than once, but the problems are still there.It's frustrating to see a great tool start to lose traction like this one. Bummer. I hope they get it fixed.

Thankfully, this update handled things just fine. I most often choose the FULL DISC and it provides a nice, clean rip. I can then use DVD MovieFactory, Nero Recode or DVDShrink to process the decrypted files. DVDShrink is still a great little app for going from DVD-9 to DVD-5, or simply stripping off everything except the core film if you want. It works quite well.I'm glad this Ripper app is out there and I'm glad it's still free.

Where is the latest release of this program? Does it support the latest BRD protections? Does it support the latest protection in standard DVD? Nope? Thanks, but I will have to pass on this one. This is why I do not use freeware, they come in fast and leave just as quickly. This program has stopped receiving updates for quite some time while new protections are being developed and cracked by other contenders. Anyone remember DVD Shrink and why many programs have to "fix" their code to work with it? Why not just better your product instead of worrying about one freeware program which stopped receiving updates years ago.

UPDATE: I'm a bit confused about the GPL Open Source point.On their website, it is mentioned that only the DVDFab Mobile product uses open source code,That is not the same product as the one we are reviewing here, right? This is only about DVDFab HD Decrypter, is that not correct? If so, would it not be acceptable to move those reviews out of the DVDFab HD Decrypter entry and into one for the actual DVDFab Mobile product?Here is the link: -fab-mobile.htmHere is the quote at the bottom:GPL/LGPL DisclaimerDVDFab Mobile Option uses several GPL/LGPL modules, like FFmpeg, x264, xvid, liba52, faac, lame, etc. DVDFab Mobile Option is compatible with GPL/LGPL license, and thanks for the help of open source community. CHANGE LOG: Beta (August 7, 2008)New: Added option "Run report program when DVDFab crashes" in "Settings -> General" window. Although it doesn't collect personal information and helps us to improve DVDFab, user can disable it so that DVDFab will not access internet automatically when DVDFab crashes.New: Updated language files.Fix: A crash problem when using "Internal" preview.REVIEW:Here it is! They FINALLY added an option to disable automatic error reporting!No more phoning home!All you have to do is uncheck two boxes in the GENERAL area of the COMMON SETTINGS dialog. Those two options are:- Run report program when DVDFab crashes- Check for new version automaticallyThat's all there is to it! Just tested it and it works like a charm. Awesome.So, all we have left is a no-delay nag screen, but that seems a very minor annoyance compared to the other issue.But, with one click of the mouse, you are in the main program, so I do not think it is worth docking them a point when that is the only remaining issue with this 100% free application. Small price to pay, I guess, at least to me.Now, as far as stability, I've been ripping hardcore on two of my 3 machines and there appear to be no issues, crashes, glitches, etc. The Da Vinci Code, Memoirs Of A Geisha and all the rest have been processed with no problems at all on both my internal and external drives.In fact, I don't seem to be able to recall any stability issues with any 5.x version of DVDFab HD Decrypter. I don't think I have experienced any stability issues at all in any version in quite some time. If my memory is not clear on that and I have missed something, I hope someone will bring it to my attention. So, that said...It remains a stand-alone application that only loads into memory when you start it, stays there while you rip a disk and then leaves out of memory when you exit the program. So, it does not consume any system resources at all after you run and close it.The resulting rip to the hard drive is fully decrypted, meaning you can use just about ANY application you want that is capable of handling DVD Video files.You can use whatever DVD player software you want and you can use any post-processing application you want. You can play it, shrink it, trim off menus, remove the credit sequences and just about anything else your apps may be able to do.There should be no limitations other than those that may exist in your software application.So, given that this program is still completely free, and now allows you to block any outgoing data with two simple mouse clicks in the appropriate check boxes, I believe it indeed deserves a full rating of 5 out of 5.It is an incredible value, appears rock solid stable (as most releases of this app have been all along), and is frequently updated to keep pace with the latest titles.I'm certainly glad that this program is available to everybody via a simple download.Well done, indeed!

This is so frequently updated it's amazing.What I really like about DVDFab HD Decrypter is that all you have to do is start the program, rip the disk to your local hard drive, and then shut the program down. That's it.You end up with an unprotected version that you can process and view with just about ANY application you would want to.You don't have to keep a driver loaded that eats up memory and resources, and you don't have to worry about incompatibilites.You rip the disk to your hard drive and that's it. You can use Video Studio or any other video apps if you want, you can use Nero Recode and/or DVD Shrink to pick and choose what parts of the movie you want to keep and what parts you dont.Get rid of all those warnings and previews, foreign sound tracks, credits, whatever - DVD Shrink offers a fantastic Re-Author feature for handling all of that.Heck, if you have kids you can easily remove the menus so that when they put the disk in the player, it starts right away. 3 or 4 year olds may not be the best at navigating the menus, after all.It seems very stable ( just ripped Geisha and Last Samurai again with no crashes ) and incredibly easy to use. Plus, you get all this for the Low-Low price of FREE! Three Easy Payments of NOTHING, and if you act now, we'll even shave off one of those payments making it an even better bargain... heh... I just watched one of those Ron Popeal flavor injector informercials, so had it in my mind.Anyway - Rip it once, and you're done. How much simpler and straight forward do you get?I am still uptight about the feature that dials home when it has a failed rip, which is rare, but still. Remember though - the ONLY time it sends ANYTHING back to the DVDFab folks is when you have a failed rip. You can uncheck the "look for updates" feature, and that should be about it. If you never have a rip failure, then no "Phone Home" information is ever sent. Besides, you can easily block it with a software firewall - but I do think you should not have to.DVDFab needs to give users of its free program the ability to prevent ANY information being sent, even if it is only bug-fix related data. There's really no excuse for not providing users with that feature.Yes, the new nag screens are a pain and very irritating, but a single click gets you past it right away. There is no countdown before the button can be clicked.If DVDFab HD Decrypter would eliminate those two things, I think I'd be rating it a solid 5 of 5, but until they do, 4 is the highest that they deserve.Also, it scores a 4 because of a couple of reasons. First, it is 100% free, and second, there are fewer and fewer apps of its kind out there, and I'm not sure if there is any other up-to-date freeware at all. DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink can still rip all standard DVD proections, but they can't handle the newer and different types. So DVDFab HD Decrypter is, in my opinion, an important entry in the marketplace. It does what very few apps do, and it does it for free.If they ever decide to eliminate the free version of this app, I think we'd be pretty screwed, and certainly, I would not rate it very high.Right now it is an OUTSTANDING value. I sure hope they keep it that way.


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