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Nikifor Seliverstov
Nikifor Seliverstov

Project X (2012) BETTER

Project X was not intended to be the title of the film, but it was kept to capitalize on interest generated by the rumored secrecy surrounding the project.[23] Adding to the secrecy, producers decided to not send full scripts to any prospective cast member, instead providing only watermarked individual pages.[22]

Project X (2012)

On March 12, 2023 Dax Flame released a concept trailer for Project X 2 featuring Jonathan Daniel Brown on his YouTube channel daxflame. At the end of the trailer he ask his fans to share the video in the hopes of getting Warner Bros. attention so they might pick up the project again.[82]

This week in our movies showdown, we have Project X" (1987) up against Project X" (2012). The first is a science-fiction thriller about government-trained monkeys; the latter is nothing more than a home video about teens monkeying around. 041b061a72


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