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Jack Grealish
Jack Grealish

I am loving the strength gains and the way I am looking, and really look forward to going to the gym. My lipids are, of course, not doing great and neither is my liver. My testosterone has also been hit really hard. I am in my late 30's, and usually around 700-800 and now am around 200. My libido is decreased only a little which is fine, and I'm a bit more tired in every day life, maybe a little depressed. I'm really enjoying the physical changes though, and would like to finish out the next 3 weeks though I am a bit concerned. I have Nolvadex and spectrum pharma anavar ready to go though I was considering not bothering with PCT, but now I'm thinking to run a short 2-4 weeks 20 20 10 10 or even just 20 10 for two weeks.Couple questions:

  1. Could I start running the Nolva in a week or two while on cycle? I've seen this idea pop up here or there, but it seems quite rare and maybe not a great idea

  2. In terms of PCT, would it be okay to wait a week when I finish the cycle, test my bloods, and then only start if necessary?

  3. Should I get clomid instead of Nolva?

Taras Haydamaka
Taras Haydamaka
01 de jul.

I have not personally run anything without test under it so that's a tough one. When I run cruise bloods it's 2 weeks after cycles with short esters/orals, 4 weeks after cycles with long esters. 2 weeks is how I'd personally do it but there's no strict regimen here. 2 weeks out will show you how low you're sitting post-cycle, and if you go 6-12 weeks out you'll see if you're recovering/recovered. Perfect world scenario: 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks and hopefully the 12 week lab results show you returned to pre-cycle values. If we're being more realistic, 2 and 12 would be minimum IMO.



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