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What is the Booking bet? Things to know when playing the Booking bet

Among the various types of football betting available today, the Booking bet is quite popular. This betting type not only offers an interesting gameplay but also extremely attractive odds. In the following article, the money-giving bookmaker - bet win tips will clarify more about the Booking bet as well as share experiences in analyzing this type of bet!

Booking bet

What are the odds of Booking bet in football betting?

Explaining what Booking bet odds are

Booking bet odds is a type of side bet in football betting that many people favor at bookmakers. This type of bet is also known by many other names such as Total Bookings or Yellow Card bet, Red Card bet, etc.

When participating in Booking bet, players will need to make predictions about the number of yellow cards, red cards that will appear in a match. Therefore, no matter the outcome of the match, it will not affect the reward for this type of bet.

Therefore, Booking bet is currently a type of bet that attracts many participants, especially newcomers. Because they are quite predictable and can be based on the nature of the match, players, head-to-head history, etc., to make accurate decisions.

Basic types of betting odds in football Booking bet

Currently, to enhance the player's experience, bookmakers have introduced many different forms of Booking bet. Each form has its own gameplay and interesting points.

Below, wintips will introduce to you the most popular types of Booking bet in football betting:

Asian Handicap Booking bet

This type of bet has a gameplay quite similar to the Asian Handicap odds for the whole match. That is, there will also be a favorite team and an underdog team. The way bookmakers offer Asian Handicap Booking bet odds will allow players to compare the number of bookings between the two teams. At the same time, the number of bookings will be based on the overall result of the match.

The Asian Handicap Booking bet is divided into bets for the first half and full match, specifically as follows:

There are odds for yellow card handicap, red card handicap.

The handicap odds are provided by top 10 bookmaker and can change continuously as the match progresses.

Yellow cards or red cards will only be counted during the match and for players participating in the match. Coaching staff's cards are not counted.

The full match booking handicap bet is marked as FT, and the half match bet is marked as HT.

Booking bet

Asian Handicap Booking bet

Total Booking bet

With this type of bet, bookmakers will provide a predicted number of total bookings that the referee will give out in a match for both teams. At this point, players will rely on their analysis to place bets on one of the two betting options:

Over - O: If you predict that the actual total number of bookings will be higher than the bookmaker's odds.

Under - U: If you predict that the actual total number of bookings will be lower than the bookmaker's odds.

Other types of Booking bets in football betting

In addition to the above two popular types, Booking bets also have some other attractive betting forms such as:

Predicting the first or last booking for which team.

Predicting the color of the first booking of the match.

Predicting the color of the last booking of the match, whether it is yellow or red.

Predicting the number of bookings for a team is even or odd.


Most accurate tips for analyzing yellow card, red card Booking bets for newcomers

To increase your chances of winning when participating in Booking bets in football, you can refer to the valuable betting tips below:

Thoroughly research and study the personality of the players on both teams. Typically, players who play aggressively tend to receive bookings.

Check the booking history of both teams in recent matches. If a player has received a yellow card before, chances are they will be more cautious in this match.

Consider the nature of the match; if it is a direct elimination match, the number of bookings will be relatively high.

Understand the tactics of the coaches; you need to understand whether the lineup is leaning towards attacking or defending, whether the players are disciplined or not.

Learn about the referee who will officiate the match plays an extremely important role. If facing a strict referee, the number of bookings in the match will be higher than normal.

For teams with beautiful playing styles, fair play, the number of bookings received will also be relatively low.

Thus, with the information shared on the reputable bookmaker's website - wintips, it is hoped that you have a better understanding of betting site australia. Don't forget to visit the wintips website to follow more articles sharing experiences in football betting analysis. Good luck to you all!


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