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Lava And Water Swap!

In Minecraft, you can use the /fill command to replace a specific type of block with another. In this case, we want to replace all lava blocks with air blocks within a fill range. Let's explore how to do this in Minecraft.

Lava and water swap!


In this example, we are going to replace all lava with air in the fill region with a starting coordinate of 10 5 10 and an ending coordinate of -10 -5 -10 in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) with the following command:

The Kaumana Trail makes it easy to be one of those annoying hikers who can call out the names of every plant species they pass. Out on these lava fields, there are a dozen or so native ones. This is everything Kamapuaa has managed to create in the 150-plus years since Pele poured through here.

This lava pudding is intense, fudgy and utterly decadent. Under the chocolate crust is a pool of chocolate sauce. To turn this into a delicious Mocha lava pudding, swap the boiling water in the sauce for strong, freshly brewed coffee.

In many video games, lava is water recoloured red with a damage script attached (and sometimes the water causes just as much damage). Acid and toxic waste will probably be Lemon-Lime and Grape, respectively.

Now, of course, liquid rock can be heated to the point of water-like viscosity... however, lava heated to that degree, in reality, would have local thermodynamics of the sort that a human even a full football field's length away would be seared to ash, even under an open sky.

  • Advertising In an ad for Hershey's Cookie Layer Crunch, a woman is eating the candy until the announcer declares "If the Earth didn't have layers, well, you'd be drowning in magma." Suddenly, the ground disappears and the woman starts slowly sinking into the magma, but she initially treats it like sinking into hot water.

  • Comic Strips Played with in Knights of the Dinner Table. When the GM tells Bob, "You've been skewered by a spear, you've fallen off a cliff, and you're swimming in lava," Bob asks, "Do I get a saving throw? I've got +1 with swimming."

  • Prince Valiant: One strip waxed narrative on the lava flow of a snowy peak, with a breathtaking image of a river of Cadillac-pink water.

  • Literature In the Jules Verne 1877 novel Hector Servadac, the characters are caught from the Earth by a ricochet impact with a small cometnote which is solid, composed of a very hard mineral which contains gold and has a breathable atmosphere. (it was 1877, but still.) and carried to the coldest parts of the Solar System via the comet's orbit. Desperate to save themselves from the cold, they make their home in a cave on the side of a volcano, which is heated by a lava waterfall flowing over a remote crack of the cave. Real Life lava falls do exist, and they do look as spectacular as their descriptions go if not more so, but the comet imagined by Verne could've not realistically have magmatism of the scale needed to support a sustained lava flow of this magnitude. His saving grace, though, was that the root causes of magmatism were extremely poorly understood at the time. The plate tectonics theory was proposed in The '30s, and was originally laughed at, and more-or-less realistic numerical models of the Earth's interior were developed only in The '50s.

  • The NPC Qube in Prophecy Approved Companion, living in a game world, thinks that all lava is essentially painful water. After all, even wooden ladders can survive in it.

  • Live-Action TV Farscape: The episode "Lava's a Many Splendored Thing," the character spend most of the episode in close proximity to a river of lava with no harm until they touch it, and even then personal force fields allow them to wade through it like water.

  • An episode of Let's Make a Deal showed a Zonk Volcano Kayaking Trip as a prize. The video demonstrating the trip showed photos of someone kayaking down the lava flow.

  • In an episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century some characters were trapped in a room full of bubbling mud with red lighting, er, lava.

  • The Netflix game show Floor Is Lava tries to play up the "lava", but it's clearly colored water mixed with something to make splashed areas slick.

  • Raven has day 5 of each week of series 7 involve the final 3 (2 in the last week) compete in challenges under a volcano called the Blasted Mountain. None of the warriors get harmed by the heat though the "lava" in the challenge Lava Pit supposedly can cause the loss of a life to the 2 losers of the challenge.

  • Tabletop Games In the story Under Dragon's Wing, the mooks were "magma men" - living creatures that were either made of lava or lived in it. Never mind that for them, walking on land would be like us strolling about on Pluto.

  • Strangely enough, Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 plays this trope straight but averts Convection, Schmonvection - there are rules for ongoing damage just for being near lava, but swimming in lava is perfectly possible as long as you can survive the damage received per round. It also has a type of shark that lived in molten lava. 4th edition outright averts it. The rules are "If you touch it and aren't fully immune to fire, you die." No damage. Outright death.

  • Visual Novels Appears in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair when SHSL Cook Teruteru Hanamura is executed; the culprit is dropped into a volcano and bobs up and down as though the lava were a large deadly swimming pool. A possible justification is that it's actually cooking oil meant to deep fry the Cook.

  • In Your Turn to Die, failing to realize that this trope isn't in effect can cost you time on a puzzle. In chapter 3-1A, the group gets stuck in a boxing ring while lava floods the room. If Sara examines the source of the lava, she realizes that the lava isn't emitting light, which means it's effectively Kool-Aid that isn't boiling. This gives one person the idea to wade through the liquid and buy time for the puzzle. Realistically, the group should have been able to tell that it's not lava simply because it wasn't cooking them alive.

  • Web Animation Sure, the lava in Gaming All-Stars looks realistic on the surface, but when Bowser falls into it and re-emerges after turning into Giga Bowser, it splashes as if it were just really hot water with flames coming out of it.

  • Supermarioglitchy4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers: In Mario SAW, this trope is played straight. However, the "lava" isn't boiling Kool-Aid, just warm watermelon Kool-Aid.

  • Real Life Theoretical modelling of the extrasolar planet CoRoT-7b suggests its dayside would be so hot (up to almost 2,500 K/4,000 F) that the lava ocean present there would have almost water-like viscosity. This is also expected to happen in other searing hot worlds as Kepler-78b.

  • In 2017, a lava delta from Mt. Kilauea (and its nearby cliff) collapsed into the sea, causing a steady cascade of lava to flow directly into the Pacific Ocean. The flowing cascade was described as a "firehose" by mass media, and often did have the appearance of a steady, solid flow of cherry kool-aid.

  • Carbonate lava, which is what forms when a carbonated rock such as limestone melts, rather than the usual silicated ones, is a downplayed variant. While it has some of the properties of kool-aid lava, such as an almost water-like viscosity and being much cooler, it doesn't look much like red water since unlike normal lava, it's typically too cold to glow, making it akin to a searingly hot liquid ressembling tar.

This is my implementation of "water flow shader" for UPBGE. Thanks to new time node we can create this effect pretty easily. I dont know if there is already solutions for this effect for BGE, I just wanted to create it myself.

Here is blend file with node structure if someone interested.This is not only for water, this is for any liquid structures (lava, for example, or you can create pretty simple and effective wet glass if it is rain in your game)

Married couple Mark and Sam took control of their respective swapped tribes. After declining to join his wife on the new Water tribe, Mark formed an alliance with the other strong males and found an idol to cement his power position in the tribe. On the new Water tribe, Sam formed a tight bond with Jesse and worked with him to eliminate dangerous threats like Croc and Ben.

At Water, Nina reflects on her strong position within the tribe and envisions herself going far with this group. When Jonathan announces a tribe swap, she hopes that she will not be on the same tribe as her mother Sandra, but they are both placed on the Blood tribe. Mark draws an empty package and is given a choice of which tribe he wants to join; he selects the Blood tribe, which disappoints Sam who was placed on Water. The two new tribes then face off for a reward challenge.

At the new Blood, Jordie reflects on the good position in which the swap has left him and comments on how big of a threat Sandra is when paired with her daughter. Mark comments on his decision not to play with Sam, believing that it would have put a target on both of them. Sandra is concerned about playing with Dave and Amy who previously wrote her name down, but resolves to lie low and keep down her threat level. Nina keeps a distance from Sandra, not wanting to be seen as a power couple with her, and sticks to her previous alliance.

There are currently 4 types of liquids: water, lava, honey, and shimmer. While each has varying properties, all of these liquids share common "liquid mechanics" that describe how they move and interact with their surroundings. For example, all liquids flow to fill the area they occupy, and they can all be moved with certain items. Liquid can be dangerous because the player will fall into them and if the liquid is deep, they will drown. However, all liquids are useful to some extent because they can be used in crafting, and this is one of the main distinctive feature between the types of liquids. 041b061a72


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