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Ezekiel Thomas

Acronis Backup For Windows Server 11.5 21

I installed a fresh actual Backup&Recovery 11.5. Licences are working and I can start the management console and set backup plans etc. without any problems. But when I try to connect to the local management service of my Windows Server 2012 I get the following error:---------------------------------Code: 11.468.819(0x00AF0013)LineInfo: 0x175E82EA6697B94E;

acronis backup for windows server 11.5 21

Also, after I installed the latest update, my backup plans disappeared. When attempting to recreate them, none of the other servers I had deployed the agent to were showing up. Attempted to redeploy agents in case there was an update, but it attempts to authorize licenses with AMS, so therefore I am stuck at this point. I am not getting any backups.

I fully agree with Naveed's last comment, Acronis support is mostly a waste of time from my experience. these forums are by far way more useful once someone does find a proper solution. I have the exact same issue and error codes as Geoff posted above. this happened after I recently upgraded to the latest release (11.5v.39029 from 11.5v38573). I am running on a Dell R520 with Server 2012, all the latest patches. I tried changing the service accounts, even using a local admin account, and this did not resolve my issue.I am unable to connect to the management server, which is the exact same machine.

It was faster, and easier, for me to uninstall all of ABR11.5 v.38573 and reinstall ABR11.5 v.39029, and rebuild all my backup jobs, than to try and debug this issue with Acronis support! And I've found, after going through multiple upgrades/updates from Acronis, that a clean installation is ALWAYS better than trying to upgrade and debug all the new issues that arise from each and every new version, since 10.x. This is ridiculous to say the least! As a contractor, I do not have time to spend 10+ hours on the phone with Acronis support to debug issues every time a new release is pushed out...


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