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"How I Met Your Mother" Last Cigarette Ever(2009)

The gang agrees to have "one last cigarette" as the sun rises, but Future Ted reveals it took years for each member of the gang to actually quit, listing events in their lives that lead to the change: Lily quits the day she decides to try to get pregnant; Marshall quits the day his son is born; Robin quits in June 2013; Barney quits in March 2017; and Ted quits two weeks into dating the mother.

"How I Met Your Mother" Last Cigarette Ever(2009)


I think this episode is probably funnier to people who smoke or have smoked in the past. as a former smoker I can say I used to do all those things Marshall did to hide my smoking from my girlfriend/parents. taking off my clean shirt while smoking, bathing in the McDonald's bathroom sink before going home, hanging out the car window while driving, even in the middle of winter. not to mention the thousands of "last cigarette" promises made to be broken. ahh, smoking. good times.

Reaction to this seems to really depend on your overall opinion of smoking.I thought it was just OK. I don't smoke, I wouldn't date someone who does and I don't like the idea that all five of these reasonably intelligent and likeable characters would be doing it. Besides, nothing makes a beautiful woman ugly faster than a cigarette.(I'm not saying smoking makes you evil, but just less pleasant to be around. Losing a family member to lung cancer will do that)The TV stuff wasn't bad, but there's tons of real-world local morning TV news material out there to be mined that no show has really touched yet.

Perhaps it's because we had our last cigarettes before I became pregnant with my sons (10 weeks old on Thursday) but this episode resonated with my husband and I (and made us REALLY want to smoke). I can understand that, were you telling a story, how it wouldn't come up.Also, this was the second episode in a row where future Marshall interacted with past Marshall in some fashion in the tag.Anyway, really enjoyed the episode, thought it was very funny as did my husband.On an unrelated note, it's clear Cobie hasn't taken off the baby weight, and maybe I more sensitive to this than most, (again, 2 boys, ten weeks ago) but they have truly been dressing her in the fugliest and most unflattering outfits the past few weeks.

Considering I'm a smoker in my late 20's going through a lot of the same things that were mentioned in the episode. They actually show it in a way that is entirely true and comical for people who smoke or have smoked. You always say it will be your last one, but then you get stressed, or your friends start smoking around you again. One of the most relateable things on the show for me in a while was when they declare it to be their last cigarettes, and then it's revealed that it wasn't even close.

Ted: Okay, that's it. Let's quit.Marshall: Let's. Let's do it.Barney: Well, I am proud of you guys. I have heard how difficult it is for smokers, like yourself, to quit, so, on behalf of non-smokers, I salute you, and I am here to help. So, hand in your cigarettes, and I will get rid of them, one at a time.Lily: [raspy voice] You're quitting, dollface. I know I don't normally call you "dollface," but it kind of works in this voice. Dollface.

Robin: I'm gonna go up on the roof and stand there by myself for five minutes.Ted: Have fun.Future Ted: [v.o.] And that's exactly what she did. She just stood there. All right, kids, I'm gonna level with you. That's not what she did. Here's what she did.Robin: All right, all right. I'm going to go have a cigarette.[2030:]Son & Daughter: What?Future Ted: I promised her I'd never tell you this, but once upon a time, your Aunt Robin did enjoy the occasional cigarette, and occasionally that occasional cigarette was more than just occasional.

Ted: Hey, guys, look, the sun's coming up.Robin: You know what right now is a perfect time for? A last cigarette ever. No, I mean, a real last cigarette ever.Barney: Damn it, let's do it.Ted: Okay.Marshall: All right. Last cigarette ever on the count of three.Ted: One...Lily: [raspy voice] ...two...Robin: ...three.Future Ted: [v.o.] We all quit for a while after that, but it wasn't anyone's last cigarette. We did eventually all quit smoking for real. Robin's last cigarette was in June, 2013. Barney's last cigarette was in March, 2017. Lily's last cigarette was the day she started trying to get pregnant. And Marshall's last cigarette was the day his son was born. And my last cigarette? Two weeks into dating your mother. And I never looked back.

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