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Buy Used Maserati

When you shop for a new or used car, CoPilot helps you know more. We search every car at every dealer so you don't have to, we give you data and insights you won't find anywhere else, and we rank every car so it's easy to find the best car at the best price.

buy used maserati

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A used Maserati offers you unrivalled luxury and pure Italian class. Al Tayer Motors only deals with the highest quality pre-owned Maserati cars. All our vehicles come with warranty and protection plans that are designed to give you added peace of mind during the entire ownership life cycle.

Are you ready to get behind the wheel of your next Maserati? Browse our full range of approved used Maserati cars at your own pace on the website or pay us a visit in person. Our sales team is on hand to assist you in finding the certified pre-owned Maserati car that fit your lifestyle and budget.

But all of the animosity thrown towards the Ghibli can mostly be attributed to its shortcomings as an expensive luxury sedan that can hit six figures if optioned heavily. So, what would happen if that price were to come down a bit? As in less than half. Like most Italian luxury cars, the Ghibli has been hit hard by depreciation and you simply won't believe how inexpensive used examples are right now.

The main draw for buying a used Ghibli is essentially the same as buying a new one - it is more unique than its Asian and European contemporaries. Rivals from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are a dime a dozen but it has taken Maserati six years to produce 100,000 examples of the Ghibli, making it much more unique. It also looks different than just about any other luxury sedan you'll see out on the road and it sounds better as well.

Now here's the real reason to buy a used Ghibli - it's now cheaper than a brand-new Honda Civic. Yes, the Ghibli is more expensive to maintain and the Civic will undoubtedly be more reliable but there are some people out there who would rather take a shot on an exotic car instead of buying something safe, dependable, and boring. We looked at used Ghibli prices and after ruling out a few crash-damaged and lemon law buy-back vehicles, we found 2014 model year examples starting in the low $20,000 range. These aren't just the base model either, many of them are the more powerful S Q4 version.

Since maintenance will be costly on a used Maserati, you might want to spend more on a certified pre-owned example. Even searching for CPO examples, we found plenty of choices starting in the low $30,000 range. Maserati's CPO warranty covers up to six years or 100,000 miles, extending the four-year factory warranty by up to two years and an additional 50,000 miles.

Maserati has taken some flack because the Ghibli uses a lot of the same switchgear and electronics from cheaper Chrysler and Dodge products. On a $75,000-plus luxury car, this is a fair complaint. But on a used car for $25,000 to $35,000, it isn't such a big deal. The switches work properly and they don't necessarily feel cheap to the touch. FCA's 8.4-inch UConnect infotainment is also one of the best in the industry. Maserati did enough to class up the Ghibli's interior with excellent leather and an even more luxurious silk interior option.

The Maserati Ghibli is not a car we recommend buying new because for the same price (or less), there are plenty of better engineered and more reliable alternatives. But used prices have become so cheap, the Ghibli could be worth another look on the used market. Even with a CPO warranty, a used Ghibli costs less than a top-tier mid-size sedan from a mainstream automaker. If you are willing to roll the dice on some frequent trips to the dealership (covered under warranty), a used Ghibli might be a fun used purchase.

For people looking for a used luxury car near North Denver, Westminster and Boulder, Sill-TerHar Maserati offers a pristine lineup. Each vehicle is fully inspected and meets our highest standards. Browsed our online inventory and still don't see what you're looking for? Use our CarFinder tool and we will track down the car of your dreams!

Your relationship with Sill-TerHar Maserati of North Denver doesn't have to end after you've taken off in a new or used Maserati. We remain committed to making sure your driving experience is satisfactory for many miles to come. That's why you can find all of the Maserati parts you might need right here. If not, we can order them for you. Not only that, but to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape, our team of car service experts is here to provide all necessary repairs and routine maintenance.

Whenever you look to buy a used car, then look no further. Maserati of Ontario is the Maserati dealer with all that you need. Our Maserati dealership consists of several used vehicles for sale. For example, we have the 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV Sports Platinum for sale, as well as the 2019 Maserati Levante S and the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio for sale.

We also offer the best new lease deals and new car finance specials in town. You will have no difficulty finding your match in our new and used inventory. Today, visit our dealership near Claremont, CA, to find mouth-watering Maserati specials. Please read our review and come check out the used cars for sale near Claremont, CA, today.

An army veteran in Moore County, North Carolina bought his wife a used Maserati at Carvana. 3 months went by and he went to have the car serviced, only to find out the car was stolen and it gets worse.....

Ray and co-conspirator Anne Rasamee used the proceeds from their business on living expenses for their family and to purchase luxury items, including a used Bentley and a used Maserati they bought for $140,000 in cash. 041b061a72


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